Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 107: Bootylicious Cardio

After I sent my diet/workout creator my most recent pictures, including this one,:
I got a few funny/motivating emails from him.  I had asked him what he thought of my progress based on my most recent pictures and this was his reply, and I quote:

"Thx for the pics,  upper body looks like it will be no problem.  Legs and booty will need to come down hard to give you a balanced look.  You have time and the plan is in place.  Work hard and it will happen."

This left me with a few thoughts:
1)  I was SO glad to finally hear some kind of update on my progress- both positive and negative.  It was nice to hear that I was moving in the right direction and get a clearer picture of what needed work.  My upper body has always been stronger and leaner than my lower body, but it was nice for someone to get my ass (no pun intended) in gear.
2)  Is my ass really that big?!  And if so, why did nobody tell me?!  Thanks friends! ;)
3)  I think the tan lines and the cut of the suit make my ass look larger than usual, no?  I mean, daaaamn, it looks like I've got some junk in the trunk, and that pic makes my ass look even bigger than I thought!

I had to ask this same diet/workout creator a question about my workouts that he sent and after he answered my question, he ended with, and I quote:
"As long as that booty come down, all will be well."

Um.  I think I got the message loud and clear that my booty is...err...bootylicious?  I know that he just wants my body to look proportionate (meaning my legs and butt aren't significantly bigger than my upper body) and I got that message for sure!

I had to laugh at these comments because I love this man's honesty.  It is so refreshing.  I would rather him tell me things like that every day rather than just telling me I look alright.  And I have to say, those 2 comments have motivated me so much.  On Sunday, I didn't want to do a double, and I thought about his comments, and got my ass (again, no pun intended) into my workout pants and to the gym.  Today when I was doing my cardio I was able to push myself harder knowing that I was working to improve a specific part of my body.  Small goals really help me keep going in tough moments.

My cardio for the next few weeks definitely reflects my need to "bring my booty down."  The cardio programs are lots of stepping, running, incline walking, lunging...essentially anything that makes my hamstrings, quads, and glutes burn like they are EN FUEGO!  And I love it.  I've wanted to improve the look of my legs for a long time and I know that these cardio sessions will work over time.  I'm excited to make my butt more bootylicious for those judges in FIVE AND A HALF WEEKS!!!!

PS - I have officially lost 23.5 pounds!  Current weight is 120.5!  So close!

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  1. That's my new motto-"As long as booty come down, all will be well!". Love it! I think you look fantastic. Go, girl!