Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Cellulite is: "a topographic skin change that is claimed to occur in most postpubertal females. It presents as a modification of skin topography evident by skin dimpling."


And how unfair that "MOST" postpubertal females have cellulite.  So we get screwed for going through puberty?!  Like we have a choice?!  Any by screwed I mean forever tainted with dimpled skin on the back of our thighs, which is often referred to as "cottage cheese."  No wonder so many people hate cottage cheese. That really makes a hot bikini bod...NOT! 

So, now we women have to bleed once a month, push babies out of a far too small hole (I would like to be completely unconscious for this process...I'll bond with my baby later), AND have cottage cheese, cellulite ass and thighs.  Just for being a woman and for going through puberty?!  OK...enough ranting.  Almost.

I don't know too many people, whether overweight or regular weight, who don't have cellulite.  I have been an athlete for many years.  I've always eaten decently healthy (baked lays for dinner is healthy, right?).  I've kept my body in pretty decent shape.  But I refuse to wear shorts more than maaaybe 4 times a summer.  I hate walking around in a bathing suit.  I even hate workout pants that are too tight because at just the right angle you can see the little dimples...dimples are supposed to be for facial cheeks, not ass cheeks and the back of thighs. 

What is even more disheartening is that you can't ever get rid of it, unless you're a millionaire and your doctor is a magician.  Even celebreties can't get rid of it.  It's just hopeless.

Meet Mischa Barton.  To me she is SKINNY!

Now, meet SKINNY Mischa Barton's cellulite.


That's all I can say is goo.  And it is unfair.  We, females, get screwed.  Come on, admit it.  I hate cellulite, and I bet Mischa does too.  Is it really almost bathing suit season?!  GOO x 2!